Apr 10


The widespread of softwares today is commonly recognized. Be it in stores, clinic, business establishments and others. These make lists and prepared breakdown easier than ever. One that is familiar to me is the point of care software. Software which has the ability to provide people an amazing outcome. There are a lot of softwares at the present time that is made existing and can be bought in software companies.

Mar 25

Tuesday Uniform

When it comes to school uniform, I used to have it sewn by a tailor known in our City. But this set I am wearing today is kinda unfashionable. I’d rather like simple yet comfortable too. The tailor of this set is all the way from Siquijor whom we know a good tailor too but due to the numerous sets, it happened to be unfitted to most of us.

Mar 18

Our Business is Now 7 Years

It’s been seven years now since I started a little business with about 200,000 pesos as a starting capital. At the start I never knew everything about the flow of this business. No careful planning was done. The thought I had was to have a business and that’s all.

From one place, we transferred to another due to competition. A couple of copycat raised, we stood brave and alone when we started. When results have seen, some copied and build their own in the same arena. But it’s okay. As long as ours is here still. Although it’s not that popular and progressive at least it’s giving us monthly income.

Mar 13

Bass Drum Muffler

Another great stuff for studio works, a simple yet amazing accessory that is attached to the drum head to soften resonance and volume of the sound. This is just another bit to try. Music lovers especially who are having time with bands are closely to love  this. Some who are really engaged in creating music by way of different instruments must have found this extraordinary attachment to drums, the new bass drum muffler from guitar center .

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