Apr 14

Breed Love

Larry Breedlove, does it sounds familiar? He is one of the founders of guitars breed with love that is now known worldwide. I just love blogging about this kind of musical instrument. I love to listen to guitars played especially when it is accompanying country music. Oh! It’s my favorite. Aside from that my sister is a very good guitar player. I even told her about Guitar Center, breedlove that is the best possession they ever have.

Apr 14

Comfort and Discomfort away from Home and What to Bring

Hello readers! A Blessed Good Friday.

After all the activities today, it’s time to prepare for a week-long seminar at Crown Regency, Cebu City. I’m pretty sure it will be a comfortable stay in the venue. The discomfort is I’ll be missing my kiddos. Well, with the provision of technology we can talk and see each other anytime of the day, video chat at night is possible.

It’s time to check also the amenities of Crown. It is another thing to prepare.

According to their website, they have FREE WIFI, GYM, POOL, SPA, and BREAKFAST.

Free wifi. I’m glad they this I just hope for better signal.

Gym. Oh! I love this. I was thinking about bringing gym outfit so I can go to Ayala gym at night.

Pool. It’s summer time! I think I can feel summer 2017 better here. But…I still long for adventure this summer. Summer night.

SPA. At least once, maybe. We’ll see of I can do it one of the nights.

Breakfast. I love it. So much. I’m excited about the food presentation.

So, what will my bag’s content?

  1. Laptop. The rest of the rest of the materials are brought by another committee.
  2. Cellphone
  3. Charger
  4. Power Bank
  5. Dress for 7 days
  6. Small wear
  7. Toiletries
  8. Two pairs of working shoes
  9. Rubber shoes
  10. Leggings
  11. Swim wear
  12. My folder for CSC

No. 8. is the most important. It contains verification papers of my competency as technology savvy. To mention some of my qualifications: MS Office Application, Adobe Photoshop, Animation, AutoCAD, Webiste Development. I need to be in the CSC first hour in the morning of April 17, 2017. It was supposed to be faxed on April 12, 2017 but we were not able to contact their office.

God Bless…to me. Mama and Papa in heaven be with me.


Apr 01

Acoustic Bass Guitar

It’s another acoustic bass guitar available at Musicians Friend . It’s a different type of guitar now available in the market. It is indeed a wow for guitar lovers. This online supplier doesn’t fail to give excitement to those who play guitar. Anytime, anywhere where there is gadget to view the site we can always look for anything we want to go for music instrument shopping.

Mar 31

Black and White: By Juran


My former student’s work of art. Juran is the eldest son of my former high school classmate and friend Junna who is also an artist like me. As they say birds of the same feather flock together.

He won 3rd place over 20+ contestants in the Art Contest at Carmen Copper Corporation 3 years back with me as the coach.

No further decription of the drawing. The details of it speaks a lot.

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