May 26

Taking Care of Dogs

Having pets like dogs is difficult for me. You have to bath them which is the most tricky for me, feed them like humans usual eating time. Most likely feeding dogs happen right every after meal of the house owner. Some feed theirs with the right food in their own right time. But it didn’t end like that; giving them space to rest when they will rest is vital too. It must be safe and warm. Dogs must be taken care like humans for they serve importantly according to their purpose. I really learned a lot of dogs’ necessities at this site that tells a lot and even offers more than other dog centers do.

Apr 16

Summer Fun

Hi everyone!

It’s summer again! Hello summer!!! Finally, the paper works are over. The tiresome activities were done. Now feeling happy because it’s summer vacation. Yipey! Now planning for a summer getaway for relaxation and spirit refreshing agenda. Beach, adventure, summer camp, swimming at the pool and everything seems exciting.

How about you, what are your plans for summer vacation?

Apr 10


The widespread of softwares today is commonly recognized. Be it in stores, clinic, business establishments and others. These make lists and prepared breakdown easier than ever. One that is familiar to me is the point of care software. Software which has the ability to provide people an amazing outcome. There are a lot of softwares at the present time that is made existing and can be bought in software companies.

Mar 25

Tuesday Uniform

When it comes to school uniform, I used to have it sewn by a tailor known in our City. But this set I am wearing today is kinda unfashionable. I’d rather like simple yet comfortable too. The tailor of this set is all the way from Siquijor whom we know a good tailor too but due to the numerous sets, it happened to be unfitted to most of us.

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