Sep 28

Password Lost

Changing password regularly keeps our account safe from fraudsters but the risk is forgetting the latest pw used. I was about to give in recovering my password. Crazy! I can’t open my account anymore. But later I did it with the help of my recovery mail. This is also the problem of changing cellphone number every now and then.

Sep 28

Charts for Guitar Lovers

For beginners of guitar like me, I badly need a chart of chords. Like what I have seen in the images of google. There was a so called bass scale chart . For sure it will help me in my new hobby. Forever new in my chosen hobby. I never mastered it since then. But it seems new and exciting whenever I picked up my guitar and played my favorite song for learning guitar. Singing, All My Bags are packed I’m ready to go.

Aug 10

A Day Full of Blessing

Blessing comes to those who wait patiently with will to do what is needed to be done. There are a lot of things that needs to be accomplished. I just didn’t expect things to happen but I prayed and let God make it happen. I went to the church this afternoon and thank God for the blessings that He bestowed on me. Listening Him during the mass was not enough but I felt talking to Him in silence. I went to the adoration chapel and sat. There I listened again to the silence and solemnity brought by the place. Yes, I planned to talk to him but my mouth are closed and my heart beats faster. My tears fall down as if I have a pail of it inside my eyes. I just can’t thank Him enough for what He has given to me.

Jul 04

Super Kick in the Mall and Online

Eyeing on the web again for musical instruments accessories. Online shopping is indeed great than malling. We save time, we save energy and we save money. When we shop we need to spend for fare, food to eat when hungry or even not we unconsciously sit down into the fast food chain when tired from roaming around looking for what we need. If we shop online we just spend minimal electricity and yet we have a lot of time exploring sites like musical instruments sites. When you need super kick for example you can find it online.

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