Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 27

Flawless Soap

Got extras. Two empty boxes of flawless papaya soaps and two papaya soaps without boxes. Well it has a plastic pillow pack but it can still be good with the orange box. Both serves as whitening soap bars. Flawless Papaya for sensitive skin while Flawless Mangosteen Noni is to wash pimples away. In addition, Noni …

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Feb 24

Off Key Sound

Music can sometimes be a noise when it is sang in contrast with the melody. A friend of keeps keeps talking about a neighbor of their who sings without hesitation. Even if his voice, diction, even pronunciation is not appropriate. A matter of self-confidence. Yes, confidence, some are just confident because they thought they made …

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Feb 20

U Bolt

Quality accessories for piping works is sometimes very rare in some hardware situated in malls today. Rare items aren’t available sometimes. Maybe there are available in an independent hardware stores but it takes time in searching or going from one place to another just to look for what you need. But the supply of u-bolts …

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Feb 17


It’s another new day for the students high school life struggle. JS Prom was done, now about one third of the class are present but still we need to continue in order to learn more and more. Be it a hard job with unforgettable learning experience or whatever, as long as the enjoyment is still …

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