Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 25

Tuesday Uniform

When it comes to school uniform, I used to have it sewn by a tailor known in our City. But this set I am wearing today is kinda unfashionable. I’d rather like simple yet comfortable too. The tailor of this set is all the way from Siquijor whom we know a good tailor too but …

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Mar 18

Our Business is Now 7 Years

It’s been seven years now since I started a little business with about 200,000 pesos as a starting capital. At the start I never knew everything about the flow of this business. No careful planning was done. The thought I had was to have a business and that’s all. From one place, we transferred to …

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Mar 06

Significance of Weather

Today’s weather as we have observed changes from time to time. It’s like a future that we can’t predict. The change of weather adversely affects the mood of everyone. When it rains, most of the people complain because the road is muddy and slippery and eventually flood occurs along the high way which make is …

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Mar 01

Hello March!

Hello March! Hello summer!!! The school year is about to end. It’s time to plan ahead for a summer getaway. It’s only with summer where family can enjoy a lengthy vacation. Beach, mountain, and somewhere else everyone wants. But for me, I can be anywhere as long as it is not so costly and there …

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