Mar 31

Black and White: By Juran


My former student’s work of art. Juran is the eldest son of my former high school classmate and friend Junna who is also an artist like me. As they say birds of the same feather flock together.

He won 3rd place over 20+ contestants in the Art Contest at Carmen Copper Corporation 3 years back with me as the coach.

No further decription of the drawing. The details of it speaks a lot.


  1. Junna

    Thank you belle this is awesome i owe you much in opening up his confidence and knowing what its worth!He may have been really quiet but he has a lot going on in his mind that you will sometimes just get to it through his drawings❤

  2. adminbelle

    Hi jun, thank you for dropping by. I have plans in formulating localized learning materials this summer. I think we can work in pair or I’ll give another partner who will do the text. I will be the one to digitize his work.

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