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May 29

Comprehensive Examination: To take of not to take

As far as it concerns me, that was summer 2011 when I completed the academic requirements for Master in Technician Education major in Drafting Technology. During that time there was never an idea for me to take comprehensive examination. I just want a CAR. Three years after, on June 2014, I attempted to take the …

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Dec 28

The Library

In an unofficial article I’ve read, it says that the principal libraries comprised of chronicles of the most punctual type of composing the dirt tablets in cuneiform script found in Summer, some going back to 2600 BC. Private or individual libraries made up of composed books showed up in established Greece in the 5th century …

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Dec 11

Ranking Numbers in Excel

From the word computer, its tasks is simply to compute. It can be small or huge number of numbers that can be computed right in an instant. well, encoding will take a little time. Let’s begin, select or click the first number. Then, type equal sign = Click fx (this is usually located at the …

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Sep 02

Freezing Panes

It’s been days when I am busy preparing for the grades of my students. When the partial totals in every component were done, I was trying to retrieve the old grade templates I had. But it surprised me when I see five components and yet we have four in this school year. That is based …

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