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Jul 13

Perusing the Scripture

Now and then when individuals are occupied with doing natural things that they appreciate so much, perusing the biblical canon is some of the time overlooked. The world is brimming with eye catchers as of now, developments even took as much time as required to detain human personality in its excellence. Excellence in which some …

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Jan 26

Expiry Dates

Do you look at the expiry date when you buy foods? Well, me, yes. I used to look at the expiry date when I buy foods especially if it is on sale. But haven’t thought of the line that is stated in the bottom of the item, Best Before then the date. I just realized …

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Jan 13

Stop Bullying

A student’s cry: If you are in the environment surrounded by different people around, for sure, you will centerly be adapted. Moreover, adopting those certain kind of environment cause a little difference. For example, a certain group of students in a certain section, maybe there are some of them are boastful, annoying, kind talkative, and …

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Jan 06


An opinion given by a student after having their English class. We all know that we have the ability or skill to determine conflict and its various types in a short story that we read. Why do conflict helps in composing narratives to be nicer and captivate their feelings to read it. Why is this …

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