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May 12

Captcha and reCaptcha

Have you ever experienced when captcha do not appear and you can not proceed because something will prompt like, reCaptcha invalid? Then a small window appears and tell you that: Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again. It’s the third time I logged in for I submitted application for social media campaign. I …

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Dec 07

Adding Decimal Points on Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most helpful programs among others that I have used recently. For it helps us get quick results. Huge numbers can be computed quickly with the help of built-in formulas that can be accessed easily. Look for the increase decimal/decrease decimal in the toolbar. Once you found it, click the …

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Jul 20

Free CAD

It’s been weeks when I started to look for CAD software which I can use for my students in Grade 9 and Grade 10. The learners manual suggested AutoDESK and all the topics are based on AutoDesk but the problem is we don’t have the software. We only have one PC in our shop which …

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Aug 04

How to use chamfer and fillet?

In the event that you discovered my old post entitled Floor Plan for a Small Area to a Bigger One, you may have recognized that there are extra things added to this present post. Really, I was going to print the first for accommodation on the grounds that its my last extend on one of …

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