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Feb 14

Remembering Mom’s Repose

Twenty years ago mom joined with Lord in heaven. That was painful but God has great plans for all of us including my siblings. After a year, father follows mom in heaven. Then again, God has still the best plans for us. He sent our relatives ss intruments especially my Aunt, my father’s only sister. They …

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Jan 15


Hello world! I’m so glad there is you who is always around when I need someone to listen. Yes, you my ekspresyun with wordpress. I’ll earn or not I will still blog. I may not be so good in composition but I’ll still write. It’s life. Blogging is life. I’m an artist not a writer. …

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Jan 08


Source: DOST PAG-ASA in their facebook account: SEVERE WEATHER BULLETIN #10 FOR: TROPICAL DEPRESSION #AuringPH TROPICAL CYCLONE: WARNING ISSUED AT 8:00 PM, 08 January 2017 TROPICAL DEPRESSION “AURING” HAS WEAKENED SLIGHTLY AFTER IT MADE LANDFALL OVER SIARGAO ISLAND. •Estimated rainfall amount is from moderate to heavy within 300 km diameter of the Tropical Depression. •Residents of …

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Jan 25

Scam Here and There

Maybe due to the collapse of world trading market, a lot of online earning opportunities turned in to scam. Investors just have to be careful about investing in a certain company, specifically online. Robot managed sites are included in this. Anyway, not all. But the risk is just there. Well, anywhere there is risk. It …

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