Sep 05

Comfortable Dress for Pregnant Women

Last May 13, 2013, I totally lost access on my 3 year old hp 540 notebook PC.  I was not around when it shuts after a series of lightning. During that time, my baby was watching her favorite movie, Tinker Bell.

Just few days ago, hubby bought an external drive, removed the hard drive of my PC and insert it to the external device. Connected it to the USB port and there, I found my files that was lost all of a sudden. But now, it’s back.

While checking the folders, I found out a throwback memory. A photo of me when I was still seven months pregnant of our little Tara. This photo was taken by a colleague while I was setting the school’s DSL camera. That was a teachers’ night in the Baranggay where our school is located. I was not able to join in their dance presentation, but the I volunteered to be the documentary.


Simplicity is beauty.

No make up, no hairdo but only the simple and sincere smile. The purple cloth that looks like a bolero is sewn to the checkered inner long blouse.

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