Jan 06


An opinion given by a student after having their English class.

  • We all know that we have the ability or skill to determine conflict and its various types in a short story that we read. Why do conflict helps in composing narratives to be nicer and captivate their feelings to read it. Why is this so?
  • Conflict means a struggle between two opposite forces that is the basis of plot in dramatic and narrative literature. The conflict usually builds up to the emotional peak or crisis and a denouement follows when conflict is resolved in some way. it also provides the interest or suspense in a short story, drama, novel and (dramatic) narrative poem.
  • We notice if the story do not exist any various types of conflict; people who read it can be feel bored, and not longing to read it unto the end of the story.
  • Writers, narrative composers or even students need to have the best fancy using the different types of conflict for their story to give a little bit thrill, life and to bewitch someone reads it. But in long narratives there is rarely just one conflict to be.

Here are some of various types of conflicts:

  • A man may struggle against nature
  • Character may struggle against another
  • A man may struggle against society
  • Character may struggle against supernatural forces
  • Character may struggle against himself or individuals make up

So, you may use any of these types to construct the nest story wherein you deliver and show it in a lusty manner.

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