Aug 15

Craft and Fashion Rolled into One

Craft and fashion combined into one. I just love to put my little Tara a turban so that nobody will ask anymore if she’s a boy or girl. No more confusions.

Her hair is still short at 7 months on May 2. So, I also need a cover to hide it, haha, but I am telling you about it. Anyway, that baby headband is only 10 pesos in a mall. Lol, I am telling you the price again. But the crocheted flower is an order from an online craft shoppe. That’s 50 pesos. I ordered 3 so it has another 2 colors, red and yellow. It is removable for it comes with a hole at the center enough for a blouse button. Our little Tara is not going anywhere in this photo. I just love seeing her fashionable anytime. When I put something on her head she never complains but smile to the max again and again. I also have noticed that she feels good when there is something in her head.


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