Oct 30

Fashion from Head to Foot

My little Tara in her new barefoot sandals. It is actually a headband but it is too tight for her. I tried putting it on his head but the metal connector leaves a mark on her forehead. So instead of setting it aside I tried to intertwine it in her foot. I was actually planning to buy a barefoot sandals for her but that mark on her head leads me to discover new fashionable thing.


That white headband comes in pair, the other one is black. That is what she is wearing in this photo. Matched with theĀ  hem of her three sisters skirt. Anyway, it’s me holding Tara, skin not too dark. We let her see a crowd during this time (Sinulog 2013). But that was already in the late afternoon, for it was too hot when the sun was up.

Considering that there is only one white and one black, I bought another set to complete the new pairs. White pair for my baby Tara used as a barefoot sandals and the other is for mom. I used it in my shoes too.


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