Oct 25

Fashion Says NO to Discrimination

Fashion applies no discrimination even to those who have not seen it. Jisa, in pink was not given the gift of sight but stand out in her exquisite pink gown. I regret by not having a whole body shot with her during this event. We were in the same venue while preparing ourselves for the Prom but my camera was just inside my bag. Both were busy preparing for the most awaited night.

208573_555204277833722_132637842_nJisa’s outfit sponsors were the following:

Gown: Mr. Richie Labajo – a generous colleague of mine

Shoes: Mrs. Naty Simafranca – another generous senior colleague

Jisa knows she looks good with her outfit. We can see it her smile.

The Black Dress

Hmmm, now let’s go to the black lady’s wear. Let me begin with the dress. It cost only 385 pesos, I was in a Smart Money Center (Triple L – my suki in our City) when I glanced at this black dress worn by the mannequin. Without any doubt, I asked the attendant to please remove it, and went to the cashier wondering its price, but that was so good anyway. I just layered it inside with black tube for it is a little bit loose.

The Black Mystical Flower

The black mystical flower on my chest is a long time ago keepsake, a collection that was never been used until the event happened.

The Fashion Necklace

My necklace, oh it is something memorable. It is still fresh in my memory, what the sales girl answered after telling her, “pwede motan-aw?” She answered, “tag 149 bya ni.” And the authentic self simply answered, “Sigi lang” in a soft voice. That answer of mine caused my colleague to laugh away from the sales girl. My heart burst into laughter, thinking “paita jud aning dili ta magtarong ug ilis, ultimo 149 mura tag dili kaaford.” But anyway, I was still happy looking at it on my neck.


The Clutch Bag

It’s an old rectangular emerald green clutch bag with skin flaked off but the inside part and zipper are still good. What I did? I covered it with a sequins cloth manually sewn and put a ribbon(taken from the hem of the sequins cloth) just bear with me, I need to save for something. Hahaha Sorry, I just do not have the detailed pictures of each, this blog was not planned yet. :-)

The Shoes

An old boots (from Natasha) left at the school library where I was assigned before. I am not a librarian but only an assistant. That was July 2011 when I moved to the new district. That was February 2013 when I ask a good friend of mine April Rose (my colleague who went there to proctor an exam-NAT) to tell another good friend of mine Joyax to please ask my shoes from another good friend, ma’m Marivic (the librarian). A lot of people were bothered, hahaha anyway, God sees it. I know you will be blessed in some other ways for your kindness even if you know that what I’m doing was silliness. To make the story short, after having it dyed in a shoe shop, I sewn a silver thing on its upper part.


With me is a cute and stunning colleague of mine who got the sash entitled “Star of the Night!”  There was no crown so I got no award. Harhar! Peace ma’am! Hehe just kidding.


Black is fashion and we all look fashionable during the event because we all wore black as instructed by our gorgeous head. Below is a group picture of fashionable people in our City. The lady in my left was the brain of this concept.


Ma’ams, starring jud mo tanan diri, please let me know if you don’t like it to be posted here. It will be removed immediately.

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