Sep 02

Filipino Fashion

August is a month for Filipino subjects in all levels from Kinder to High School. The most common activity every school used to have is the culmination which is usually done by the end of the month.

But we celebrated it on September 2, 2013 for the last weekend of August a busy week for us. The district meet was scheduled on that week. It would be hard for us to barge in the prepared activity.


Most of the students were wearing Filipiniana costume. Teachers were in uniform. I feel like a student so I looked for a dress that is also used by Filipinos. I’m not sure if I look on this white blouse and the the ethnic print skirt.SAM_7494

Below are some of the students in my advisory class with their subject teacher, my co-adviser and my idol too. My Nanay. A very good English teacher my students ever have in this last year of  journeying high school.


Their smile could launch a thousand ships.

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