Sep 02

Freezing Panes

It’s been days when I am busy preparing for the grades of my students. When the partial totals in every component were done, I was trying to retrieve the old grade templates I had. But it surprised me when I see five components and yet we have four in this school year. That is based on K-12 Program. The newly approved education law in our country. Meanwhile, I realized that I must have a new one, something that is quality based for it will be used until this republic act stays in time. On the other hand, making my own would take several days to finish for I am not that familiar with all the formulas in excel. I only can manage with simple formulas like the fundamental operations. But with complicated ones, oh…I can’t!
A good friend of mine, the owner of this blog> LINK, helped me with it. He was the making the old template too. I’ve been taking care of it for about three years already. There’s a need to contact him again for I need it badly. No time to explore about the bits and pieces of excel’s formulas. Moreover, I was lucky for he made another one again . Thanks! Thanks! Many thanks!
While using the template, I was in a hurry and I wanted to have the first few columns to stay in place while I am working with the other columns in the bottom. I mean the names should be there while I am scrolling down the pages. I need to make it frozen for I want to see the grades closer to the names as I scroll right to the other components. I had no idea on how to do the freezing thing. I just thought about the concept. I tried to contact my friend via facebook, and there he told me about the term, “freezing panes.” And I was able to see it in under “view tab.” It was a success.

1. Click on the adjacent column to freeze.
2. Click view.
3. Select freeze panes.

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