Oct 25

In Search for the Lost Sheep

A female student was not been seen in her desk for quite some time now. The attendance checker too keeps on reporting to the adviser about her absences. The class adviser sent message to the neighbor of this absentee but there was no reply.

So, the concerned mentor decided to do home visitation together with two students who are residing near by the girl’s residence. They all hoped for a positive response at the end of the day. While on their way, they all prayed and wished that this girl whom they considered their sister and friend will cooperate and go back to school as soon as possible so that she can catch up the lessons she was left behind.

To make the story short, at the end of the day, they got a favorable response from the absentee. Bringing notes of promise that she will come back and be present all through out the succeeding days until the day of graduation.


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