Oct 08

Let your blemish vanish

A week ago, someone told me about this soap. The sound or the name of the product itself is widely known. The word every woman loves for her skin. When it comes to beauty products, I am too skeptical about it for it would be very hard when skin is damaged by chemicals used in bleaching soaps. I’d rather buy an expensive beauty product than get a cheaper one but will greatly damage my skin. Hmmm as if I am meticulous in applying those. What usually happen is ningas kogon the Filipino term for, “When a task is started and then is not finished.”

The Soap

Name: Flawless (Sutla)

Description: Papaya soap super skin whitener with moisturizer plus. A natural soap that whitens face and body in two weeks.

Directions for use: Rub it gently in the face and body. Then rinse. For faster result, use as often as you can.

What I like about this beauty product?

It leaves skin so soft after every use. It bubbles generously and quickly as the towelette is being rubbed onto the skin. After few applications, changes can be observed. Skin won’t peel off too unlike other whitening soaps. Rather, it only takes away white heads and black heads. And the most important thing is it bleaches naturally.

What I don’t like about it?

When left in a soap dish, it melts easily. Well, just like other soaps do. So it must be kept in a dry dish after using.

See product in this LINK.

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