May 29

Comprehensive Examination: To take of not to take

As far as it concerns me, that was summer 2011 when I completed the academic requirements for Master in Technician Education major in Drafting Technology. During that time there was never an idea for me to take comprehensive examination. I just want a CAR.

Three years after, on June 2014, I attempted to take the comprehensive examination that was scheduled on the very first week of classes. It’s  so hard to leave from work on the date. I just attempted…and worst is i enrolled Thesis Seminar for 1,000 pesos.

Later, I requested a T.O.R. and clearance was needed. Of course I need to settle the complete payment for Thesis Seminar. My balance was almost two thousand.

Another three years after, next week, June 2, 2017, I again thought of taking the test.

May 20

Summer has to end, as usual

Summer is about to end and the summer getaway plans remain a plan. Post summer outing perhaps will do after all the hard work and commitments for a better tomorrow in this chosen career. Career, career, career. If time can be bought I should have lend some money and to buy plenty of it.

How about you? Do you ran out of time too? Sometimes, time management can be applied but most of the times can not. Especially if you have things to meet the deadline.

May 12

Captcha and reCaptcha

Have you ever experienced when captcha do not appear and you can not proceed because something will prompt like, reCaptcha invalid?

Then a small window appears and tell you that:

Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again.

It’s the third time I logged in for I submitted application for social media campaign. I ignored the small window twice and in the third time I read it and oh, it’s pays knowledge to share when you read. 😀 It’s simple yet it is a very remarkable experience.

Apr 14

Breed Love

Larry Breedlove, does it sounds familiar? He is one of the founders of guitars breed with love that is now known worldwide. I just love blogging about this kind of musical instrument. I love to listen to guitars played especially when it is accompanying country music. Oh! It’s my favorite. Aside from that my sister is a very good guitar player. I even told her about Guitar Center, breedlove that is the best possession they ever have.

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