Aug 29

Pink Fashion for a Baby Girl

Fink is for fashion. I mean PINK. Most of the gifts our little Tara received from relatives and friends are pink. Head ornaments down to foot covers. She’s two months and half when this photo was taken. I was so busy during those times for I just go back to work and there were a lot of adjustments I ever experienced after delivering my first baby at the age of 36.


Getting ready for church. Still with booties and mittens at the age of two months. I removed those when hubby is out but when he arrives, booties and mittens are back into the tiny feet and hands of our little baby girl. He wanted to protect the tiny body parts of our baby from dust outside and our baby’s cold air-conditioned room.


Smiling while watching her favorite movie, Tinker Belle. This photo was already months ago but I still remember this smile. She only smile with Tinker Bell’s Secret of the Wings.


After church, frowning because she is sleepy. But I know this girl will be smiling when asleep. She will be dreaming about what she has experienced outside. She seldom go out in the house specially during weekdays. The sound of the cartoon character movies and the photos are her all time companion during Mondays to Fridays.

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