Dec 11

Ranking Numbers in Excel

From the word computer, its tasks is simply to compute. It can be small or huge number of numbers that can be computed right in an instant. well, encoding will take a little time.

Let’s begin, select or click the first number.

Then, type equal sign =

Click fx (this is usually located at the side of the = sign you recently typed.

After hitting fx, select a category. You have to look for the word RANK.

When you are able to find the RANK, click OK. After this, another box will appear.

The box is about Function Arguments.

Below that are 3 spaces namely: Number, Reference, and Order.

Beside NUMBER, enter the cell number of the first data.

Then go to REF, this time, highlight all the numbers you want to rank.

Click OK, and you’ll see the rank of the first number.

To see the rank of the rest of the data, drag the result down and you’ll get each rank in an instant.

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