Oct 18

Red and Black Dress

Red and black is another combination I love most. When it comes to dress I am very picky about it. It should be something that is awesome in my sight even if it’s not with the others. Lol.

Actually, I was searching for a dress to worn in our JS Prom. Hmmm, not ours pala. Students’ JS Prom. But since, Juniors and Seniors during that night will be wearing their elegant gowns, we should also be wearing something they must be proud of being their educators.

It’s just about many months from now but I used to prepare things ahead of time to avoid panicking. At least if time comes, everything is ready and will be smooth sailing.

Amanda-Lace-Insert-Dress-Black-Red-Purple-LC2738-crochet-lace-dress-high-street-retro-european-style.jpg_350x350Another photo from allie too. A photo posted by the company in their website. i\m gonna buy this soon.

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