Jan 13

Stop Bullying

A student’s cry:

If you are in the environment surrounded by different people around, for sure, you will centerly be adapted. Moreover, adopting those certain kind of environment cause a little difference. For example, a certain group of students in a certain section, maybe there are some of them are boastful, annoying, kind talkative, and bullies. What if, a student bullied will not be able to take it and make him even think not so good things personally?

Now, how will authorities handle this if someone committed an unpleasant act because of bullying? Does it sound great? Considering the fact that heir doings are the main reason why someone cannot hold on to it.

However, schools must do something by kicking bullying off the premises. It’s terrifying to hear those instances by not doing the right thing.For others, maybe it plays their emotions and dignity as learners, maybe for others is just like a joke. The most advisable way for students out there is to choose the right one whom they are going to tell their secrets. Remember, don’t you tell everything inside you to make your feelings lighter than ever? Maybe its best if half your unimportant secrets must be revealed, yet half must be kept hidden for your safety.and to avoid from being bullied.

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