Aug 22

Fashionable Gifts from Different People

Fashion Show at the Beach. Tara was having a fashion show at the beach. Dress from Ninong and Ninang Alcomendras couple. The first dress worn by her from home to where we had a beach party. A sort of despidida party of my two sisters in laws. One will go back to Germany and the other one to London. They had an emergency visit in the Philippines because of my mother in law’s physical condition. They are quite far in case something will happen. So, they quickly went in the country for a quick visit to spend quality time with their mom.

Tara and Kuya Bobet (my husband’s second degree cousin) holding her. Feeling comfortable in her shades and swim suit covered with a bathrobe. Swimsuit and baby shades given by Tita Amy (my sister). Baby bathrobe from Ninang Jane (my college classmate).


The two UK beauties. Both looks cool and fashionable in their Flag design dress. Both have the same sweet smile. Dress sponsor, her Tita-Mommy from UK.


And lastly, thank you again sponsors. I wouldn’t have something to blog without all of these. :-)  Mine was only the diaper in this setting.

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