Aug 30

Travel Buddy

Tara traveled by plane for the first time. Taking a pose while trying to grab our bag. A combined things of us four which caused us to be accosted due to over weighing. But, we just take out few stuffs and transferred it to the other bag.
 photo 1900113_10201300778590714_1072240825_n.jpgThis little girl really knows how to smile after counting 1,2,3, smile. She already knows what it means. This time I lay her feet on the ground because she wanted it too. She loves walking around the blazed floor, anyway, her knees are safe from scratch if she happen to drop her knees off.

 photo 1779348_10201300779310732_509783455_n.jpgTara meets Sister Josie, A.R. My former direct supervisor. Our school principal when I was in CCTC (a private institution), we were booked on the same plane. They’re going to Vigan for an Educational trip with the members of the faculty in the sister school of CCTC in Bohol.

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