Sep 10

Unmatched Hair Clips

Choosing the right hair clips for our little Tara who has very thin hair. I was deeply attracted with this cherry like hair clips when I passed by the hair accessories section in the nearest mall in our city. Without having second thoughts about the material it is made of. I just like the colors for Tara has a dress that any of these will fit.SAM_1778

But when I arrived home and tried it clipping into her hair, I found out that it’s quite heavy and her hair is very thin yet. I decided to keep it for future use may be.


The dress I wanted to pair with the clips. Any of the three can be paired with the dress but I just can’t use unless her hair will grow longer and stronger.

Lesson Learned

In choosing things to buy especially for the little ones must be planned and not just taking anything without considering the materials used by the product.

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