Aug 03

Victoria’s Secret Collections

The first VS fragrance I had before was the Pure Seduction. Same old bottle with the yellow one, Vanilla lace. I do not have it’s bottle anymore. That was a long time ago. Then followed by different fragrances. And here below are my recent and unfinished. The yellow one is I think 2 years ago. Followed by the PINK which I bought in Ayala Mall. I missed Pink’s fragrance so I took another one even if Vanilla Lace is still about three fourths full.

Meanwhile, an Aunt in Law went home from Canada handed me the small pink Noir TEASE. I already have three different Victoria’s Secret fragrances in my beauty kit.

Last month, a woman was selling VS products in our work place. Prices are low and inviting. I was not enticed because aside from having few bottles in my cabinet, the smell seems different and some of the label/letters are peeling off.

This Vanilla Lace is already about 2 years but the label is still intact. The Pink one last year is still beautiful like how it smells. The Noir TEASE, the smallest one but the most expensive one is the most used because I can sometimes carry it in my bag.

The Vanilla Lace bottle is already phased out. It has been changed with another bottle. Inverted cone like shape but the same fragrance.

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